Are you Event Management Company, managing Multiple Events in old traditional methods and unable to provide information to your customer, live  track and get updates from your team?

Event Teams Issues

Are event teams not remember when asked for updates on task assigned to them. Do you always require to follow ups, wont get updates on time? 

Manual Operations

Things get lost, with so many event going on at once. Are you tired of of checking manually what’s coming up especially with complex timelines like event attendance, incident, task? 

Unable to View Live

Unable to find a perfect Event Crowd Management Software to manage your event which gives you 360 Live View of Event Analytics, Attendance, Incidents, Patrolling, Task for managing your Events integrated with Sales, CRM, Accounting and
Financial Reports ??

Introducing CONTROL-E Event Crowd Management

A powerful & dynamic system - experience complete control and transparency over multiple Event operations & activities.

We understand that managing attendees onsite can be a daunting task without proper help. That is why our leading-edge event management solutions give you the right technology and support to bring your events to life and create a lasting impression. We have the best B2B event management software that reduces stress and smoothly checks-in attendees while empowering you with critical data.

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Control-E  gives you cutting edge Event Team management Process Management, Contract Management & Maintenance for accelerated event sales & easy operations.

The software offers a range of features, including time and attendance tracking, payroll management, performance evaluations, and employee onboarding and offboarding. Control-E provides a centralized platform for HR-related tasks, allowing managers to automate routine processes and make data-driven decisions. The software is user-friendly and customizable, allowing organizations to tailor it to their specific needs. With Control-E, organizations can reduce administrative tasks, improve productivity, and enhance the overall employee experience.

Overall, Control E is a powerful HR management software that can help organizations streamline their HR processes, reduce costs, and improve the overall employee experience. With its robust feature set, cloud-based architecture, and customizable design, Control E is a top choice for organizations looking to modernize their HR operations.

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Happy Clients

Content clients who feel cared for

Happy Employees

Make Employees Happy that aren’t busy with routine copy-pasting the information

Measurable Reports

Reports with measurable metrics and insights for your real estate property that you can use to enhance it even further

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  Event management software

 Improve   performance

 & process time

Better organize your Team with the smart double entry Management system.

Give employees the flexibility to sign in with desktop, mobile,
or group punch. And if you need to cut down on time theft,
it's easy to setup authorized sign-in devices and geofencing
in minutes. With Control E, you're in control.

Easy delegation and improved collaboration


Effective prioritization