Latest languages and development methods for all our solutions

Incorporating the Latest Languages and Development Methods in All Our Solutions. Stay Ahead of the Curve with State-of-the-Art Approaches, Ensuring Innovative and Future-Ready Solutions that Exceed Expectations.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Create/Update incident with Attaching Media and File, Images, Videos with Geo Tags

Seamlessly Create or Update Incidents while Attaching Media and Files, including Images and Videos with Geo Tags. Enhance the Documentation Process, Ensuring Comprehensive and Geo-Tagged Information for Efficient Incident Handling..

Task management On Go - Auto-Reminders / Transfer Task / Reviewer / Real-Time Notifications / Deadlines and followup

Our On-the-Go Task Management offers Auto-Reminders, Task Transfer, Reviewer Options, Real-Time Notifications, and Deadline Tracking. Enhance Productivity with Effortless Follow-up, Providing a Comprehensive Solution for Dynamic and Efficient Task Handling.

Odoo • Text and Image